WE HAVE BEEN PROCESSING POULTRY FOR OVER 70 YEARS: The experience has resulted in perfectly organized plants which, thanks to their autonomy, adjust their offer to the tastes of local consumers.

Our values
pełne kłosy zboża jako symbol pracowitości

We like well-done work, well organised actions that help solving problems on a daily basis by the management team end employees.

koła zębate jako symbol innowacji

From the very beginning, we create, invent and we are active in all aspects: product, technical, social. Always with the same goal: improving the raw material balance, the quality and the working conditions.

dłoń dziecka w dorosłej dłoni jako symbol odpowiedzialności

Being responsible means acting and taking decisions in interest of the group. It is also investing for the future, for the safety and the good health of our colleagues, as well as the group sustainability by taking into account the environmental footprint our activities.

objęci ludzie jako symbol szacunku

Respect, is what we have for our clients, our employees and for our farmers. Respecting means listening, owning up to mistakes we make, promoting team work, and building a common understanding of our strengths and weaknesses.

wiatraki jako symbol wydajności

Performance means sharing good practice and focusing on our ongoing improvement. It is also about promoting a result-oriented culture whilst accepting remarks and suggestions.

kłos na dłoni jako symbol prostoty

Humility is one of the core values that characterises our Group. It is important for everyone to remain accessible, to get straight to the point. Above all, it means using our common sense.

Drosed Group
Business profile

Since 2000, DROSED belongs to the LDC Group, a French producer of fresh poultry and the European leader in this industry, with a turnover of over EUR 5.1 billion. The DROSED Group consists of the following companies: Drosed S.A., Roldrob S.A., Sedar S.A., Drop S.A., Drosed Surowiec Sp. z o.o., NaturAgra Sp. z o.o. The DROSED Group makes every effort to offer its Clients and Consumers the highest quality products. Our portfolio includes the brands Zagrodowy, Drosed, Podlaski and Drop. We produce almost a full range of poultry meats: from chicken, through ducks, geese to guinea fowls. We focus on the development of ready-to-eat products, including breaded products. We also offer roasted, smoked and delicatessen products, cold cuts, canned food and minced meat.

How was it created?
History of Drosed Group


Establishment of Siedleckie Zakłady Drobiarskie
The history of the company began in 1957, when the state-owned company Siedleckie Zakłady Drobiarskie was established, dealing with poultry rearing and the purchase and processing of poultry and eggs.


Acquisition of new poultry suppliers
Continuous development and modernization favored the plant, which in 1970 acquired new suppliers of poultry rearing 50-60 thousand. chickens per year.


Modernization of the poultry slaughterhouse in Siedlce
Seven years later (1977), the plant decided to modernize the poultry slaughterhouse in Siedlce, the main direction of which was to improve the slaughter of chickens. This investment was intended not only to further modernize slaughter, but also to automate the production of canned food.


Plant privatization and change of the name
In 1991, Siedleckie Zakłady Drobiarskie was privatized and since then we have been talking about the existence of Drosed Siedleckie Zakłady Drobiarskie S.A.


Drosed joins the LDC group
As part of its further development, in 2000, the company acquired a strategic investor - the French LDC Capital Group, a leader among European poultry producers.


International Food Safety Certificate
Throughout all the years of operation, Drosed S.A. specialized in the production of canned food and fresh poultry. In order to maintain the highest quality of products and customer satisfaction, it has obtained many certificates confirming its high quality. One of them was the international BRC and IFS food safety certificate obtained in 2005.


Further investments
2018 is the year of further investments and development of the Poultry Department in Siedlce. The company puts emphasis not only on further technological development, but also on building awareness of the brands produced at Drosed S.A.
The Drosed Group sells the vast majority of its production on the Polish market. However, we systematically develop shipments outside our country.

We export to all countries of the European Union and, as a few in Poland, we meet the requirements for the implementation of shipments to countries such as: South Africa, China, Japan, Singapore.

We export both products under the brands of the Drosed Group and we manufacture our own brands at the customer’s request.

Domestic Sales
The DROSED Group is pride to have a wide offer in the category of poultry, cold cuts and canned food – based on its own and safe raw material. Thanks to this, we are present with our products at all major distributors and in modern networks.
We specialize in the production of a wide range of poultry products, we offer not only standard raw poultry – but also premium poultry, marinated and processed products – ready-to-eat baked and roasted products. For over a dozen years, we have been developing our offer for HoReCa customers and for other producers of the food industry (B2B).

Thanks to vast experience and product specialization, our own and safe raw material and huge production facilities, the products of the Drosed Group will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. This is also confirmed by quality certificates and numerous audits that the Drosed Group plants successfully pass.

We are innovative, creative and flexible in our actions, and the most important thing for us is to understand the client’s needs and create a product for him that will fully meet his expectations.